About Us

MTTS Enterprises is a social enterprise that focuses on creating and providing robust medical equipment, devices and consumables to hospitals in the Philippines. MTTS started as a technical support service to East Meets West (EMW) Foundation’s Breath of Life program until EMW’s mission in the Philippines was discontinued in 2016. Since that time MTTS has carried on the legacy of EMW through continued technical support of donated equipment to hospitals in the Philippines.

The MTTS continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) Machine was designed by the late Kirk Evans, American medical engineer who, together with his colleagues in Viet Nam, rigorously tested their CPAP machine to meet the severe demands of use in public hospitals. Their challenge was to build a CPAP that can meet the needs of Viet Nam’s rural hospitals where neonatal mortality and morbidity was high and electricity was unreliable. East Meets West (EMW) Foundation’s mission was to distribute CPAP machines through its Breath of Life program in Viet Nam in order to reduce infant mortality. EMW’s program in Viet Nam was so successful that the foundation decided to replicate the program in other Asian countries, including the Philippines.

The MTTS CPAP Machine was first introduced in the Philippines in 2012 through EMW’s Breath of Life program. Its first recipient hospitals were Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital, Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center, and the Philippine General Hospital. From this small number of medical facilities, the program expanded its reached to more than 90 public hospitals by 2016 when EMS’s mission in the Philippines was discontinued.

Neonatologist, Pediatricians, and NICU Nurses who are end-users of the MTTS CPAP have praised the machine’s reliability, efficiency and low-cost maintenance.

MTTS’s mission is to support United Nation’s goals:

  • SDG 3 – Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages
  • SDG 6 – Ensure availability and sustainability management of water and sanitation for all

MTTS’s is proud to say that 40% of the generated profit is earmarked for our Foundation partner, Spiritus Vitae (a non-profit organization that focuses on infant & maternal health programs in the Philippines).